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Taylor Blossom

Welcome, love! I am Taylor Blossom and I am so grateful that my website, in this present moment, is a landing space for you. I hope you take it as a sign.

I am a Mental Health and Mindfulness Guide for individuals, groups, and companies, host of the weekly wellbeing podcast The Blossom Pod, and group facilitator for Sad Girls Club.


I offer a wide range of services to support people's Mental Health from an informed and holistic approach. My work is dedicated to helping others navigate the garden of the mind, so that the garden we share – our global community ecosystem –  can benefit in the ways it so deeply needs.

It is my intention to live each day in a way that invites others, including those who haven't worked with me directly, to come back home to themselves.

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The garden of the mind is vast and the internal terrains we encounter vary moment to moment.


The Blossom Pod is a weekly wellbeing show that offers space for us to dive in and learn mindful ways to weed, water, and grow that inner-garden in real time.

*new episodes every Monday featuring Taylor Blossom and resonant guests from all over

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Some of the Mental Health and Mindfulness consulting services that I offer to amplify and activate that reality include:

Guided Meditations

Guided Journaling

Workshop Facilitation

Corporate Wellness Packages

1:1 and Group Therapeutic Consulting

Applied Mindfulness Strategy Sessions



Self-care is necessary, and it's also the bare minimum. Authentic care is rooted in the understanding of our interdependence.

Sad Girls Club 501c(3), Soul Sessions are a community-funded offering centralizing communal care. These sessions are similar to the group therapy experience and are free to those that sign up through 9/31/21. Taylor works as a Soul Sessions Facilitator and has a weekly Sunday offering.

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If you consider yourself a supporter of my work,  I am immensely grateful. You being a part of our blossoming ecosystem is a gesture of generosity this world is already benefitting from.

If you feel called to expand your generosity, I deeply appreciate love offerings, like buying me a coffee or tea (or my favorite dirty chai which is a two-in-one), as a way to keep our community in flow and my work sustainable.


Thanks in advance for being you.

We are all better as a result. 

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"Luminous beings are we,
not this crude matter."

– Master Yoda